Why is a Safety Spotter necessary?

Power-lines have become so much a part of our outdoor landscape that it is easy to forget that they are there. Tragically, there have been too many electricity-related deaths and countless accidents that could have been prevented had more care been taken around power-lines on or near work sites.

Construction & maintenance industry workers or anyone operating plant and/ or working in the vicinity of power-lines in Victoria (overhead or even buried assets) must adopt Best Practice Guidelines overseen by Energy Safe Victoria & enforced by WorkSafe.

We provide you with a competent Electrical Safety Spotter* (aka Observer) whose sole purpose is to watch over your worker(s) and their machinery & tools/ material to make sure that they don’t get too close to identified electrical hazards. You get the job done, but more importantly it gets done safely.

* The term “Spotter” is defined by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) as a Safety Observer who is a person competent for the sole task of observing and warning against unsafe approach to overhead power lines and other electrical apparatus.